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Charles McCarry was born in 1930, and is the author of many books, including the renowned Paul Christopher novels. He spent much of his non-writing life working in the world of intelligence and now divides his time between New England and Florida.

Old Boys

Charles McCarry

There is no better American spy novelist. It’s like the best parts of ten John le Carre novels all put togetherTime

When Horace Hubbard's cousin, Paul Christopher, goes missing and is presumed dead, the CIA 'old boys' come out of retirement to help find one of their former colleagues, one of their own.

Hunting, and being hunted, from Xinjiang to Brazil, Rome, Tel Aviv, Budapest and Moscow, the old pros, along with Christopher's beautiful daughter Zarah, search for their comrade and the answers to his disappearance.

Old Boys is, at heart, a lament for a dying generation of American spies. With its almost indescribable plot of Chinese forced-labour camps, sundry ex-Nazis, ex-KGB men and double-crossers galore, it is a great tribute to McCarry's skill and excellent writing that he manages to carry the action-filled plot, and have the reader carried willingly with him.