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John Whitfield holds a PhD from Cambridge University. Before becoming a science writer he was an editor at the leading journal Nature. His work has been published in magazines and newspapers including New Scientist, London Review of Books, Guardian, Financial Times, Sunday Times and Independent on Sunday. He lives in London.

People Will Talk

John Whitfield

In a global world made smaller by social interaction and networking, no company or individual can afford to ignore their reputation. People Will Talk merges the science and art of this increasingly complex and critical field. John Whitfield provides a clear prescription for building trust, credibility and integrity.’ Jeffrey Stibel, author of Wired for Thought

In People Will Talk, John Whitfield pulls off a remarkable feat, of balancing nature and nurture, animal biology and human behaviour, to explore the universal goal of creating - and maintaining - an admirable reputation. The result is a book both wonderfully readable and pragmatically useful, an artful illumination of the ways that we can manage both our public and private personas to best effect.’ Deborah Blum, author of The Poisoner’s Handbook

Reputation: its influence is enormous but, worryingly, often out of our control. From the moment we are born, we are trying to work out whom we can trust and trying to make others think the best of us. We carry on doing so throughout life, every time we meet another person in business, friendship or romance; every time we tweak our Facebook or LinkedIn profile; every time we read gossip. Whether selling a car, job hunting, asking someone out or deciding whether to accept the invitation, reputation matters.

People Will Talk looks at biology, economics, philosophy, sociology and literature to uncover the importance of reputation, and what happens when it goes wrong; even explaining the surreal dynamics behind today's misbehaving celebrities, expenses-fiddling MPs and risk-taking bankers.