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Richard Pierce was born in Doncaster and educated in Germany and St John's College, Cambridge. He now lives in Suffolk with his wife Marianne and four children. Dead Men is his first novel.

Dead Men

Richard Pierce

Dead Men describes the peculiar pull of the tragedy of Robert Falcon Scott FascinatingTelegraph

Not only a compelling novel by an excellent tribe to Captain Scott and his men’ Sir Ranulph Fiennes

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Birdie Bowers is a woman with a dead man's name. Her parents had been fascinated by Henry 'Birdie' Bowers, one of Captain Scott's companions on his ill-fated polar expedition. A hundred years after the death of Bowers and Scott, she sets out to discover what really happened to them...

The discovery of Captain Scot's body in the Antarctic in November 1912 started a global obsession with him as a man and an explorer. But one mystery remains - why did he and his companions spend their last ten days in a tent only 11 miles from the safety of a depot that promised food and shelter?

Dead Men tells the story of two paths. One is a tragic journey of exploration on the world's coldest continent, the other charts a present-day relationship and the redemptive power of love.