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Juliet Eilperin is the environmental reporter for The Washington Post where she writes about science, policy and politics on subjects ranging from global warming to oceans. She is a graduate of Princeton University and lives with her family in Washington, D.C.

Demon Fish

Juliet Eilperin

A salutary and eye-opening take on the world of the shark. A creature that predates the dinosaurs, its species present in every ocean and sea, deserves such a wide-ranging book… This apex predator, which can never rest, swims out of prehistory and into the vivid pages of Eilperin’s book. The result is never comfortable - from Jaws-style attacks… to the worldwide plight of sharks and the work being done to conserve them - but Demon Fish resets the balance, gloriously, in favour of these sleek, sandpapery, cartiliginous wonders of the deep.’ Philip Hoare, author of Leviathan, winner of the BBC Samuel Johnson Prize for Non-Fiction

This is a remarkable feat: a book plump full of facts that is also a page turner. From the shark callers of Papua to the shark fin traders of Hong Kong, Eilperin has followed every lead in her effort to understand the sea’s greatest predator, and its enduring power over us. Utterly fearless, she even swims with a great white. For someone like me, who watched Jaws from between her fingers, Demon Fish is the perfect read: thrilling, and revealing’ Rachel Cooke, Guardian

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From the Bahamas and South Africa to Shanghai, sharks are the object of an obsession: film stars go big-game fishing for them and shark’s fin soup is a coveted status symbol in China. Elsewhere, people and sharks exist alongside each other: surfers tolerate their presence and eco-tourists swim with them.

Yet, after millions of years of the shark’s evolution and survival, the human fascination with these animals may eventually lead to their extinction.

In this eye-opening adventure, which criss-crosses the globe, Juliet Eilperin examines why sharks remain nature’s most awe-inspiring creatures. She also explores the fascinating ways in which humans relate to the ocean’s top predator.

Juliet Eilperin delves into how humans have viewed sharks throughout history to explain why they are among the planet's most awe-inspiring creatures.