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Rohan Kriwaczek is a composer, writer and musician. In addition to An Incomplete History of the Art of the Funerary Violin also published by Duckworth, he has written numerous scores for TV, film and radio. He lives in Brighton.

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On the Many Deaths of Amanda Palmer

(And the Many Crimes of Tobias James)

Rohan Kriwaczek

Following the death of indie pop-star Amanda Palmer her fans and followers began posting anonymous texts on internet blogs and in chat-rooms, taking the form of stories, poems, essays, stream-of-consciousness explorations, each attempting in their own way to attribute her death with some meaning through art. Over time these writings, and the responses they generated, began to exhibit specific shared qualities that marked them out as a unique genre in their own right that, a genre that has come to be known as the Palmeresque.
This book originally set out to be the first major study of the Palmeresque, however shortly after initial publication all copies of the book were seized by the Boston Police Department due to the incriminating content of Text Number Nine. The following investigation revealed a complex web of deceit, manipulation and literary fraud that once again raised the questions: who did kill Amanda Palmer; who were the real authors of the texts; who is Tobias James? Finally, and under strict restrictions, permission has been given for this amended edition to published, together with an extensive appendix exploring these and other issues.


'Creative genius' The Times
'Compelling' Observer
'Groundbreaking' Mail on Sunday