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Charles Dickens is one of the most beloved British authors of all time.

The Nonesuch Dickens 3-Volume Set

The Pickwick Papers, The Old Curiosity Shop, Our Mutual Friend

Charles Dickens

One of the most glorious achievements of publishing in our timeDaily Telegraph

The Pickwick Papers has delighted readers since its first publication with the comedic adventures of the unforgettable members of the Pickwick Club, the unusual tales they hear, and the remarkable characters they meet in their travels around England.

The Old Curiosity Shop tells the tragic story of Little Nell. Raised by her loving grandfather, the actions of the malevolent Quilp sees the pair cast out of their home and falling into poverty. A moving story of courage and pursuit, the novel blends a realistic portrayal of the damaging effects of industrialisation with fairytale elements.

Dicken’s final novel, Our Mutual Friend, is acclaimed as his most sophisticated work, combining deep psychological insight with rich social analysis. The consequences when a young man’s inheritance is wrongly bestowed lead to the writer’s finest consideration of the place of human values in a materialist culture.

The third set of 3 titles in the essential collector’s Dickens, based on the world-famous Nonesuch Press edition of 1937. The text is taken from the 1867 Chapman and Hall edition, which became known as the Charles Dickens edition, and was the last edition to be corrected by the author himself. The Nonesuch edition contains illustrations selected by Dickens himself, by artists including Hablot Knight Browne (‘Phiz’), George Cruikshank, John Leech, Robert Seymour and George Cattermole. The new Nonesuch Dickens reproduces the original elegance of these beautiful editions. Books are printed on Natural Cream shade high quality stock, are quarter bound in bonded leather with cloth sides, include a ribbon marker and feature special printed endpapers. This set includes: The Old Curiosity Shop, The Pickwick Papers and Our Mutual Friend.