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Charles Dickens is one of the most beloved British authors of all time.

A Tale of Two Cities (Nonesuch Dickens)

Charles Dickens

One of the most glorious achievements of publishing in our timeDaily Telegraph

It will never be more possible for a more complete and perfect edition to be put on the market’ Arthur Waugh, Past President, Dickens Fellowship

Set against the backdrop of the French Revolution A Tale of Two Cities is Dickens's masterful portrait of Paris and London. The shadow of the guillotine's blade hangs over two reputable men, one French, one English, as they compete for the love of Lucie Manette. This Nonesuch edition features the author's final text and the illustrations Dickens himself selected to complement his work.

Launched in 1937, the twenty-four volume Nonesuch Dickens was the most complete and handsome collection of the novelist's work ever created. Seven decades later, we are proud to publish these volumes produced to the specifications of the original Nonesuch design. Employing modern printing technology, each book in the revived Nonesuch Dickens replicates the enduring editorial and design excellence of its inspiration at an affordable price.

The Nonesuch Press was founded in London by Francis Meynell in 1923. Applying the refinement and expertise of the private press aesthetic to commercial publishing. Nonesuch books are among the most elegant and treasured volumes produced in the first half of the twentieth century. The fabled Nonesuch Dickens was the Press's most ambitious project, treasured for both its quality and its rarity: only 877 twenty-four volume sets were issued, and complete original sets have sold recently at auction for more than 16,500.

The legendary Nonesuch Dickens, issued in the 1930's, presented the writing of the foremost English novelist in its most distinguished format. Upon its original publication, the set was hailed as "one of the most glorious publishing achievements of our time." Now the peerless Nonesuch standards have been revived in new editions of Dickens most beloved works, introducing a new generation of readers to these masterpieces of literature, illustration and book design.