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Bronwen Maddox is the Chief Foreign Commentator for The Times. She was born in New York City, graduated from Oxford University, and was a director of Kleinwort Benson Securities before joining the Financial Times, heading the award-winning investigation into publisher Robert Maxwell. She moved to The Times to be Washington Bureau Chief and US Editor, and was then its Foreign Editor. She is a Governor of the Ditchley Foundation for transatlantic debate. She lives in London.

In Defence of America

Bronwen Maddox

A marvellous book which shows how vital American engagement is to the world. Bronwen Maddox is a superb and very knowledgeable writer who has the utmost courage of her convictions’ William Shawcross

Infused with knowledge, research and balance ... a must-read to grasp why the US matters and why anti-Americanism is the modern socialism of foolsThe Times

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The world has turned against the United States. Anti-American sentiments have swept the globe. Foreign leaders, pundits and ordinary people decry the United States, proclaiming at best their heartbreak that the American values they once admired have vanished, and at worst condemning America as a criminal state beyond redemption. The invasion of Iraq, America's refusal to sign the Kyoto accords, detention without trial in Guantanamo and torture in Abu Ghraib, the spread of American movies and fast food into every corner of the globe - all have contributed to a feeling that the United States, once a force for good in the world, is abusing its position as the world's sole superpower.

But there is another side to the story.

In this provocative, brilliant book, acclaimed foreign affairs columnist Bronwen Maddox shows how critics of America take the best of it for granted and exaggerate the worst. They give the US too little credit for their own freedom and wealth and struggle to fend off a monolithic American culture that does not exist. She shows how opponents often unfairly equate American mistakes with moral failings, and how the US frequently makes its own case badly, even when it is on strong ground. And she reveals a world in danger of fighting to keep the giant at bay, when the harder task is to give America good reason to keep engaged.

Persuasive and important, In Defence of America is essential reading for anyone who cares about America’s place in the world, and America’s future.