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Robert Littell has written 15 novels including the bestselling The Company and LA Times Book Award winner, Legends. A former Newsweek journalist, Littell is an American living in France.

Vicious Circle

A Novel Of Complicity

Robert Littell

An engrossing suspense-filled thrillerThe Sunday Telegraph

A hugely impressive novel, which plunges bravely into the heart of the age-old confrontation between Palestinians and Israelis ... Littell climbs brilliantly into the minds of these fundamentalists, and the ending is exciting, cathartic, ambivalent and unpredictableThe Guardian

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The author of The Company returns with a blockbusting new thriller that interrogates the brutal psychology of a conflict that has defined our age.

An Israeli government minister is assassinated in the home of his mistress. Days later, Elihu, an ageing Mossad officer leads his final raid, killing a Hamas leader in his bed. While the global community, united under the leadership of a visionary female US president, brokers a major compromise between Israel and the Palestinian authority, Isaac Apfulbaum, a well-known fundamentalist Rabbi, is taken hostage by Dr. al-Saath, a legendary Palestinian terrorist, who demands the release of several Palestinian prisoners. As Israel coaxes Elihu out of retirement to hunt down the terrorist who motivated his final mission, al-Saath and Apfulbaum fund themselves building an extraordinary relationship. The parallels between these two battle-hardened partisans become the bonds that could lead to reconciliation. But with the Mossad strike team closing in, has the vicious circle already been closed?

Ferociously suspenseful and brilliantly topical, Vicious Circle is a thriller that, like The Company before it, breaks down an entire culture of violence into the corrupted consciences that embody it, interrogating the brutal psychology of a conflict that has defined our age.