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Justin Allen received his MFA in fiction from Columbia University and his BA in Philosophy from Boise State University. He lives in New York with his wife, Day.

Slaves of the Shinar

An Epic Fantasy of the Ancient World

Justin Allen

Part epic fantasy, part historical novel with lashings of sword play...Allen provides a living breathing world in which to set his story... An impressive first novel and well worth a read. Apparently Allan is working on his second novel, having read Shinar I look forward to its publicationSci-Fi Online

With a driving plot and an excellent eye for living, breathing, tactile detail, author Allen brings immediacy to this modern version of the Gilgamesh legend while keeping it in context with the rest of the not-necessarily-white world of thousands of years agoSeattle Times

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Part Genesis, part Gilgamesh, this first novel is a triumph of both the literary and fantasy traditions

Uruk, a nomadic thief from the jungles of sub-Saharan Africa, is braving the hard walk across the desert. His target is nothing less than the fabled city of Ur, its temples swollen with riches. Ander is a slave, and has been since youth. But when a chance at freedom presents itself, he strikes, vowing to destroy his captors by whatever means necessary. As these two men navigate the world they share Sumeria/Mesopotamia their stories converge in a tale of destiny, triumph, and death.

The Slaves of Shinar is the story of a land besotted by war, of a people struggling to survive, and of two men redefining themselves and their futures at its heart. Set against the chaotic and bloody backdrop of the Middle East's first great war, this stand-alone fantasy epic part Homer, part Tolkien, part R. Scott Bakker brings us into a gritty, realistic world where destiny is foretold by gods, and death is never more than a sword-stroke away.

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