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Dame Edith Sitwell (18871964) poet, critic and biographer, edited the Wheels anthology of modern verse from 19161921 and was made a Dame in 1954.

The Collected Poems of Edith Sitwell

Edith Sitwell

Sitwell’s poetry has come in and out of fashion, but in the early 21st century it seems peculiarly relevantThe Times

Dame Edith Sitwell was a rebel against tradition and champion of modernity. Her wit and flamboyance in every aspect of her life, from her eccentric dress to her controversial preferences in poetry, both shocked and amused society. From 1916 to 1921 she edited the Wheels anthology of modern verse while developing her own poetic style. In 1922 she surprised the established literary world with her poem Fa?ade, which explored the musical qualities of language and was characterised by ragtime rhythms and abstract word patterns. Towards the late 1920s she explored the social and moral issues of the rich versus the poor, and after a spell of unpopularity in the 1930s, achieved public acclaim after the war, becoming a dame in 1954. This collection brings together poems from almost all of Edith Sitwell’s major editions of poetry, including ‘Street Songs’, ‘Green Song’, ‘The Song of the Cold’, ‘The Canticle of the Rose’ and ‘Gardeners and Astronomers’.