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Charles McCarry established an international reputation with the publication of his worldwide bestseller The Tears of Autumn in 1975 and altogether wrote 10 critically acclaimed novels. During the Cold War he was an intelligence officer operating under deep cover in Europe, Africa and Asia.

Christopher’s Ghosts

Charles McCarry

McCarry’s thrillers really thrill, his political insight is praised by senior politicians and his erudition, experience and good writing turn spy stories into literature. McCarry and his dynamic alter-egos wipe the floor with the oppositionTelegraph

McCarry is back ... rich in suspense, colourful characters, sudden surprises and detail. His prose, as always, is elegance itselfWashington Post

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McCarry’s first new novel since the revival of his legendary espionage novels – Paul Christopher is back.

It is the late 1930s, and a young Christopher and his family are struggling against the rise of Nazi totalitarianism in Berlin. As he wrestles with a doomed love affair, he bears witness to an unspeakable atrocity committed by a remorseless SS officer. The action moves forward to the height of the Cold War, when the SS man emerges out of the ruins of postwar Germany to destroy the last living witness to his crime. It’s a case of tiger chasing tiger as Christopher is pursued by the only man who can match his tradecraft or his instincts. As he edges toward the final confrontation with this mortal enemy, Christopher is forced to operate in the one theatre he thought he had mastered – his own past.

With ferocious suspense and masterful pacing, Charles McCarry delivers a haunting parable of a man confronted with the ghosts of an entire generation’s brutal history.