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Garrick Alder is a journalist and freelance writer. He has contributed to Private Eye and Lobster magazine and is a researcher on the BBC's hugely popular QI. He lives in Bedford.

Mind Bombs

Exploding Conventional Wisdom

Garrick Alder

Fascinating, funny and disturbing. If this doesn't rattle the bars of your intellectual cage, nothing willLobster

Scary - you may well shred your donor card after reading this book - but it is always informative … if you don’t learn something useful from it, you must work at the highest level of government or for the secret servicesMorning Star

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Most of us think we pretty much know how the world works … Most of us don’t.

In Mind Bombs, journalist and contributor to BBC’s hugely popular QI series Garrick Alder, discusses the WOMDs of the information age – the comfortable myths and shared presumptions that surround us daily but that we never even think about challenging.

The weapons on offer here are made of information: the naive and the pedantic, the bizarre and the grotesque, the sincere and the insincere, the profound and the puerile. None of them is 'forbidden'. All of the information is quite openly available if only you know where to look. And, if you're reading this book, chances are you don't.

Ask yourself: in the so-called 'Information Age', how many times have we been conned by those in authority, and how many times have we got them back?