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Walter R. Brooks (1886–1958) was a staff writer for several magazines, including the New Yorker. His short stories were published in The Saturday Evening Post, Atlantic Monthly and Esquire. His story ‘Ed Takes the Pledge’ was the basis for the 1950s TV series ‘Mr Ed’, but his most lasting achievement was the 25-volume Freddy the Pig series.

Freddy the Pied Piper

Walter R Brooks
Illustrated by Kurt Wiese

Another rollicking adventure from Freddy the Pig.

When the circus falls on hard times, Freddy concocts a plan to raise money by driving out the mice in a nearby village. However, he must also contend with angry farm mice, kidnapping, and a dangerous trek to Virginia. After all his hard work, Mr. Broomschmidt, the circus owner, refuses to accept any charity, and Freddy must find some other way to save his beloved circus. In Freddy the Pied Piper, Walter Brooks has told yet another rollicking, humorous adventure tale with wonderful illustrations by the inimitable Kurt Wiese.