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Hubert Phillips was an acknowledged expert in the setting and solving of problems: as ‘Caliban’ he contributed problems to the New Statesman. He was a composer of crosswords and editor of The British Bridge World, and author of several books on contract bridge and whist.

The Week-End Problems Book

Hubert Phillips
Introduction by Sandy Balfour

After the previous success of The Weekend Book, Duckworth have now republished The Weekend Problems Book, which contains ’hundreds of hours of stimulating puzzlement in its widely different sections’ - so said the original Nonesuch Press prospectus of 1933-4. Originally aimed at ’all folk at home or in boarding-houses or in other outposts of empire who have solitary hours to beguile or friends to tease’ the puzzles remain stimulating and fun today. See if you can do the chess problems below [picture] And there is plenty more where that came from: word puzzles, card problems, tests of intelligence and logic, ’Caliban’ problems...Enjoy!The Oldie

The Week-End Problems Book contains hundreds, even thousands, of hours of stimulating puzzlement, with time tests, crosswords, 'Caliban' and card problems among many others. It is the perfect companion for rainy weekend afternoons. In selecting these puzzles, Hubert Phillips aimed to ‘provide maximum entertainment’ and they are sure to test even the most astute of 21st century minds, (there is a complete set of solutions for those who find some of the problems a little too taxing).