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Rika Yokomori started out writing about arts and trends for Japanese newspapers and magazines in Japan and later New York. On her return to Japan, she wrote on social issues for Claire magazine. She has written four novels and is now a freelance writer, commentator and novelist. She lives in Japan.

Tokyo Tango

Rika Yokomori

Saya’s mother always told her, ‘Whatever you do, don’t go with a gambler’, then, just out of school, she meets Bogey, a sweet-talking, forty-something hustler. ‘Somehow me and Bogey hit it off right from the word go; or as he put it, in his weird Japanese English, we were a ?just-meet feeling couple.?’ Yokomori’s Tokyo is a city riding on the wave of excess that a flood of money can bring, while an undercurrent of soft corruption is surfacing in the society that’s slipping away from its roots and losing its centre.

Tokyo Tango is a modern romance that tells an age-old story of forbidden love, brought to life under the bright lights of a city in the grip of change.