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Walter R. Brooks (1886–1958) was a staff writer for several magazines, including the New Yorker. His short stories were published in the Saturday Evening Post, Atlantic Monthly and Esquire. His story ‘Ed Takes the Pledge’ was the basis for the 1950s TV series Mr Ed, but his most lasting achievement was the 25-volume Freddy the Pig series.

Freddy and the Men From Mars

Walter R Brooks

Freddy is probably the most lovable, most admirable pig that ever lived ’ Michael Morpugo

They are the American version of the great English classics, such as the Pooh books or The Wind in the WillowsNew York Times Book Review

In Freddy and the Men From Mars, the trouble starts when a newspaper reports that six little creatures, believed to be the only martians ever to have visited Earth, have been captured single-handedly by Mr Herbert Garble. This news wouldn’t have disturbed Freddy and the other barn animals had not the paper further stated that their friend Mr Boomschmidt had invited Mr G. and his men from Mars to join Boomschmidt’s Stupendous and Unexcelled Circus. Freddy, ever ready to maintain his reputation as a detective, immediately suspects a hoax, and quickly sets out to expose it. How he manages to do so, with the help of Jinx, the Horrible Ten and several other familiar allies – plus a band of real Martians who turn up just in the nick of time – makes for one of the most hilarious of all the Freddy tales.