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Ruth Prigozy is Professor of English at Hofstra University. She is the editor of the forthcoming Cambridge Companion to F. Scott Fitzgerald and co-editor of F. Scott Fitzgerald: New Perspectives, and one of the three founders of the F. Scott Fitzgerald Society, for which she serves as Executive Director.

F Scott Fitzgerald

Ruth Prigozy

Scott Fitzgerald’s life reads like one of his own stories: a young man of great promise marries into wealth, but beneath the golden surface lie alcoholism, debt, insecurity, and in Fitzgerald’s particular case, the mental instability of his beautiful, unconventional wife Zelda. In the face of these sorrows, Fitzgerald wrote brilliant, diamondsharp prose and in The Great Gatsby he captured for all time the dark side of the American Dream.
Many of the photographs in this volume have never before been published, including one of the location where Fitzgerald and Zelda became engaged, along with rare first edition book jackets, paintings by Zelda, and photographs of friends and colleagues, among them Maxwell Perkins, Gerald and Sara Murphy, and Fitzgerald’s great rival Ernest Hemingway. Acclaimed Fitzgerald scholar Ruth Prigozy provides fresh insight into the life of the novelist who, in both his work and life, captured the rise and fall of the Jazz Age.