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John Vincent has been Professor of History at the University of Bristol since 1970. Among his many influential publications are The Foundation of the Liberal Party (1966), Gladstone and Ireland (1979) and a masterly short biography of Disraeli (1990). He is also widely known as a journalist and controversialist.

An Intelligent Personís Guide to History

John Vincent

A clever, wilful, self-consciously quirky little book’’ Noel Malcolm Sunday Telegraph

A critically acclaimed guide by one of Britain’s most compelling and controversial historians. John Vincent has often been accused of political incorrectness, but never in his writing of history, where his work has been rightly praised for its ?verve, excitement, wit and original thought’. In this sometimes contentious study, Vincent goes to the very heart of the complex issues raised by the subject. An Intelligent Person’s Guide to History provides a comprehensive examination of the philosophy and evolution of history. It explores the nature of historical evidence, meaning and imagination, together with morality, causality, bias and hindsight. Penetrating, incisive and provocative, it is both a vital text for the scholar and a stimulating guide for the general reader.