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The trio of authors not only have decades of experience as poker players, but Mike Selinker is also a game designer whose credits include the Harry Potter Trading Card Game, and he has writes regularly for the New York Times, James Ernest is an awardwinning games designer, and Phil Foglio's comic books are highly sought-after collector's items.

Dealerís Choice

The complete Handbook of Saturday Night Poker

James Ernest, Mike Selinker and Phil Foglio

Dealer's Choice is the ultimate guide to the world of low stakes poker, where fun and bragging rights count as least as much as the final tally.

Starting with the elementary principles of the game every beginner will need to know, Dealer's Choice also includes invaluable tips on how to host the perfect poker evening, as well as fascinating sidebars and hilarious profiles of archetypal poker characters. Every conceivable variety of poker is discussed in each of its variants, including the authors? own inventions, such as 'Hamlet' (Jacks are low, Queens are wild, Kings dead). Renowned illustrator Phil Foglio has enlivened the text with spectacular line drawings.

With worldwide interest in poker at unprecedented peak, Dealer's Choice gives casual players the chance to recreate, right in their living rooms, the excitement of the World Series of Poker . . . except without the five million dollar jackpot - but pizza and beer aren't bad either!