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Cleopatra's Wedding Present (Paperback)
Robert Tewdwr Moss 9780715637487

Paperback Travel£8.99
Cleopatra's Wedding Present (Paperback)
Robert Tewdwr Moss 9780715641422

Paperback Travel£8.99
Darwin Slept Here (Hardback)
Eric Simons 9780715638484

Hardback Travel£14.99
Darwin Slept Here (Paperback)
Eric Simons 9780715640685

Paperback Travel£8.99
Eat Pray Love in Rome
Spaghetti, Luca 9780715641392

Paperback Travel£8.99
Edge of Physics (Hardback)
Anil Ananthaswamy 9780715637043

Hardback Travel£16.99
Edge of Physics (Paperback)
Anil Ananthaswamy 9780715640722

Paperback Travel£9.99
Expedition to the Zambesi
David Livingstone and Charles Livingstone 9780715630877

Hardback Travel£20.00
Exploration of Africa
Jean de la Guérivière 9780715632925

Hardback Travel£35.00
From the Lighthouse to Monk’s House
Katherine C Hill-Miller 9780715629956

Hardback Travel£18.00
Great Navigators of the Eighteenth Century
Jules Verne 9780715630860

Hardback Travel£20.00
Margarita’s Olive Press
Rodney Shields 9780715634400

Paperback Travel£7.99
My Early Travels and Adventures in America and Asia
Henry Morton Stanley 9780715630853

Hardback Travel£18.00
Our African Winter
Arthur Conan Doyle 9780715630846

Hardback Travel£16.00
Sooni Taraporevala 9780715633267

Hardback Travel£40.00
Portraits of Places
Henry James 9780715630839

Hardback Travel£18.00
Traveller's History of North Africa, A
Barnaby Rogerson 9780715637388

Paperback Travel£12.99
Traversa (Hardback)
Fran Sandham 9780715637029

Hardback Travel£16.99
Traversa (Paperback)
Fran Sandham 9780715637678

Paperback Travel£8.99
Visions of Tibet
Illustrated by Brian Kistler (Introduction by Robert Thurman) 9780715634424

Hardback Travel£30.00