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Quote Sheet:

New York In The 70s

Allan Tannenbaum

Tannenbaum’s photographs of the 1970s are as wildly entertaining and energetic as that wonderful and bizarre decade itself. They form an important visual history of a moment when American culture changed forever
— David Schonauer, Editor-in-Chief American Photo

For a brief shining moment (well, much of the 70s), before it got hopelessly commodified, SoHo was the place were New York's wandering tribe of Bohemians, visionary artists, enlightened slackers, daydreaming writers, and 24 hour party people took up precarious, sometimes illegal homesteading. Allan Tannebaum was there to document the scene with a combination of emapthy, acuity and feel for New York City cultural history that makes this work a valuable, lasting remembrance of things past
— Ron Rosenbaum, author of The Secret Parts of Fortune and Explaining Hitler

What Weegee was to photojournalism in the 1930s and 1940s, Allan Tannebaum is to the 1970s. This volume of Tannenbaum’s critical mass of New York’s underside establishes him as one of the most important photographers of his time, in a city that has one of the most historic traditions of documenting photography
— Miles Barth, author of Weegee World and Independent Curator