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Quote Sheet:

Epic Win For Anonymous

Cole Stryker

Here’s a short list of what 4chan has been blamed or lauded for, depending on your perspective: they started a version of Lolcats, probably the Internet’s top meme . . . They started the ‘Rickroll,’ a trick where you click on a link you want to see, but instead you’re brought to a YouTube video of Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna GiveYou Up” [and] they spread a rumor that Steve Jobs had a heart attack, and the shares of Apple dropped $10
Vanity Fair

Like it or hate it, 4chan is an important cultural force . . . It is a huge site, and so many Internet memes are formed there, it’s hard to ignore it
— June Cohen, executive producer of TED media

One of the largest forums on the internet...one of the darkest corners of the web
New York Times