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War on the Margins

Libby Cone

Seventy years after we declared war on Germany, it is worth remembering that, while mainland Britain struggled to keep at bay the threat of Nazi invasion, the people of the Channel Islands knew just what such an invasion could mean... What makes this story so compelling is the way in which original documents and papers are interspersed, highlighting the gradual erosion and ultimate destruction of the rights of the Jewish islanders. A very timely book indeed
Daily Mail

A hardback gem of Jewish resistance, chilling, charming and interspersed with authentic papers and broadcasts of the time
Jewish Chronicle

Libby capably and confidently weaves a pitch-perfect novel out of the facts surrounding the oppression ... gripping, heart-rending reading

There are many eye-opening aspects of the story: the progressive deterioriation of the islanders’ diets as supplies become scarce (you will never look at a swede in the same way again); the shocking conditions in the Organization Todt work camps, with the terrible irony that men were worked to death to build hospitals for German soldiers; the decline in German morale after D-Day and the pitiful state that islanders and occupiers alike were reduced to after the link to the French mainland was cut. Cone tells her tale with understated empathy and never loses sight of the human dimensions (on all sides of the conflict). War in the Margins will ultimately leave you asking yourself one question: how would you have acted if it had been you? An excellently researched and still very affecting read

truly an accomplished work