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Quote Sheet:

Dragons of Expectation

Robert Conquest

Conquest brings the cool energy of a lifetime’s experience to every page. The mind whose powers of analysis gave courage to the reforming forces in the Soviet Union has not lost its talent for asking embarrassing questions
— Clive James .

Robert Conquest ... now summarizes his life’s work as a critic of totalitarianism and draws some fundamental moral conclusions. A truly valuable and timely book
— Paul Johnson .

This is a book that leftist intellectuals should read a little of each day, being sure to breathe deeply and loosen any constrictive clothing beforehand
— John Carey The Sunday Times

it is always enjoyable to watch a master dialectian scoring knockouts
— Peregrine Worthsthorne Spectator

[Dragons has] a witty teasing style

Conquest is an honourable, courageous and deeply civilised man who dared to tell the truth when few were keen to listen. And, as The Dragons of Expectation shows, he sees no reason to stop now
— George Walden Telegraph

[This] brilliant and idiosyncratic book is a frontal assault on the pieties of the left. At its heart is Conquest’s critique of a deluded idealisation of the Soviet Union and the underestimation of the danger it posed to the West –the focus of Conquest’s long and distinguished career ... Conquest has thrown down a gauntlet to which we all should respond
Publishers Weekly

Robert Conquest is … in this provocative book, a slayer of our dragons of delusion, from politics to history to culture … When you open The Dragons of Expectation, as you should, be prepared to be challenged
— Stephen F. Cohen, professor of Russian Studies at New York University .

Salutary and chastening
Daily Express

this book is a stimulating, controversial, eccentric offering from a quite remarkable figure. if only all historians could write so well
BBC History Magazine