Charles McCarry

Charles McCarry established an international reputation with the publication of his worldwide bestseller The Tears of Autumn in 1975 and altogether wrote 10 critically acclaimed novels. During the Cold War he was an intelligence officer operating under deep cover in Europe, Africa and Asia.

Otto Penzler on Charles McCarry:

’There is something disconcerting, even embarrassing, about having so much affection for an author that writing about him becomes too great a challenge. Words of praise become inadequate, almost juvenile, in their failed attempts to adequately describe the brilliance of a given work, somewhat like trying to explain the love one feels in a perfect marriage, or at the birth of a first child. This fear of losing all critical faculties strikes like an arrow in the heart whenever I’m confronted with a new work by America’s greatest espionage writer, Charles McCarry. It is no good thing to be seen as obsequious or awed when writing about a book, but there is no credit in finding flaws in an object of rare beauty, either. While it is indeed possible that there is no such thing as a perfect creation by the mind and hands of man, a scarce few works of art come closer than others, and Mr. McCarry has approached that ideal on a number of occasions, bringing joy and understanding to those fortunate enough to have encountered his novels.’